You can order GMO miner B2 on this site at 6/6 18:00 JST.

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About GMO miner B2

The clips and materials disclosed in Tokyo Sessions on 6th June are available now.
Please utilize them as the tools to further your understanding of GMO miner.

Media Coverage

World's First
Next Generation
7nm Chip

World's first to mass produce mining machine equipped with 7nm processor technology (chip: GMO 72b). GMO miner B2 offers a cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining technology.

Power Efficiency

Cryptocurrency mining requires highly sophisticated computation and it consumes a lot of power. GMO miner B2 will bring higher profitability due to its power efficiency.

Power Efficiency Power Efficiency


We provide mining machines used for GMO Internet Group's actual mining business. The reliability is supported by the actual use case.

GMO miner B2

7nm ASIC mining chip GMO 72b

Price of July


(Power Supply Unit included, tax excluded)

Shipping November 2018

Information Sessions for The World's First 7 nm Mining Machine "GMO miner B2" will be Held Worldwide.

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