• Do you offer volume discount?
    There is no volume discount at this moment.
  • When is the date of shipment and delivery?
    The orders for October lot is planned to be shipped in order from the end of November.
  • Can I buy the PCI Express board?
    Sales of PCI Express board are under consideration. TBA.
  • How much is GMO miner?
    Please refer to Price. Price will be revised and announced every month.
  • Can I rent a working unit for testing?
    We are afraid that we are not providing working unit for testing.
  • How much reward can I earn with GMO miner?
    We can not answer questions regarding profitability.


  • What algorithm is GMO miner compatible with?
    SHA256. The compatible cryptocurrencies are BTC(bitcoin) and BCH(bitcoin cash).
  • Will GMO miner be compatible with future changes in algorithm of BTC/BCH?
    Regarding algorithm changes in the future, we plan to provide support at certain level. The system update for GMO miner is also planned to be provided.
  • Is ASIC Boost implemented?
    It is not compatible.
  • I would like to know the running cost for operating GMO miner.
    It depends on the cost of electricity where the mining machine is set up as well as other related costs such as networking.
  • What is the electricity requirements for GMO miner?
    The standard PSU attached is 50/60Hz AC with input voltage 100-240V. We recommend 200 - 240V for best performance. 100 - 120V will lower the hash rate. Please refer to Specs for details.
  • What kind of AC power cables do I need for GMO miner?
    Since AC power cables are not included with PSU, please prepare 2 AC power cables separately according to your local wall-socket standard.
    • ・Please note you will need 2 AC power cables with
      • - Rated Current:15A or above
      • - Connector type:C13
  • Please let me know the BTU per unit.
    Please refer to Specs.
  • Is it possible to change the hash speed settings to avoide overheating?
    The temperature sensor functions to suppress overheating by adjusting hash speed when overheating is detected.
  • Is it possible to apply load balancing to manage multiple mining pools?
    Load balancing is not available. Though you can set three pools, the connection destination will only be switched in the order of 1, 2, 3 when it is unable to connect to pool 1. It will not connect to all three pools at the same time.
  • What is the electricity consumption efficiency per 1TH?
    Please refer to Specs.


  • How many units of GMO miner are sold every month?
    Monthly sales volume is not disclosed.
  • How many units of GMO miner are manufactured every month?
    The amount of productions is not disclosed. The amount of mining chips and hardwares manufactured are increasing and changing everyday. Therefore it is difficult to come up with an accurate answer.
  • Can I become an agency of GMO miner?
    It can only be purchased directly from us.
  • Is it possible to build a partnership with your business?
    It is under consideration.

Please let us hear if you have further questions or feedback.

We regret that the sales for GMO miner B3 has been terminated.

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Warning (October 2021)

Recently, there have been reports of websites and applications that use the names of GMO Internet Group and z.com to make demands for money. Currently, our group does not provide any mining services for general users. Please be aware that any service or application that demands money for mining is not provided by our company, so please do not fall victim to it.